Instant Dental Practice Review

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Customized, Comprehensive, Objective Complete Online/Offline and Website Marketing Review specifically crafted for Dental Practices!

Technical web design firms may offer similar tests but only the digital marketing experts at Instant Website Reviews can provide the technical analysis along with the marketing and conversion techniques that you need for your dental practice.

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16 reviews for Instant Dental Practice Review

  1. imsadmin

    The Internet Marketing Professionals
    “I’ve tried a lot of different companies to build my practice on-line but these guys are definitely the internet marketing professionals and I would highly recommend them. If you want to build your practice on-line, you need to call IMS and get started.” 
    Dr. Lycka

  2. imsadmin

    Impressed With The Results”
    “We have been impressed with the results. With IMS guidance we finally have a website that has increased conversion from visitor to new patients.”
    Dr. Grace.

  3. imsadmin

    Highly Recommend
    “I am very happy with his knowledge and the help he has given me to make my website and internet marketing a success!  I would highly recommend them to anyone.  They are not only knowledgeable in the technical aspects, they also have a sound understanding of how to market. Thanks for doing it all.”   
    Dr. Siddighi

  4. imsadmin

    Highly Recommend The Marketing Review
    “I am very happy with the results and would highly recommend the marketing review if you want to build your practice on-line.”    
    Dr. G. Kemsley

  5. imsadmin

    Extremely Helpful
    “The review was extremely helpful and gave me some valuable ideas on what we could do to improve the site. Do it! It was money very well spent. It will be worth it.”
    Jon Graf

  6. imsadmin

    I Already Told Every Peak Member To DO IT!
    “The Online Marketing Assessment was VERY helpful and informative! I discovered that I need to overhaul my website and make it an integral part of my marketing plan.”

  7. imsadmin

    You Genuinely Seem To Want To Help.  Much Appreciated!
    “It was great! I’m STILL ASSESSING everything you went over but I feel that all of it is important…so it will have to be a step by step thing.  Now I know I need better website copy and design for conversion.  I think all are necessary in this very competitive field. If you’re thinking of taking the Marketing Review…DO IT!  I did not feel rushed in any way and you genuinely seem to want to help.  Much appreciated.”

  8. imsadmin

    Excellent Information And Steps To Take For Me To Do.
    “IMS gave me excellent information and steps to take for me to do.
    It is well worth the investment.” 


  9. imsadmin

    Very Professional Overview Of My Situation.
    “Very thorough and honest They did what they said they we going to do in a very professional overview of my situation. I enjoyed the call. The report was also good and a good roadmap for the new site we are designing.” SUSAN KELLY

  10. imsadmin

    I’ve Implemented Several Of Your Tips & Opt-Ins Are Up 6% Already.
    “Ron, just wanted to say a personal thanks for your review of my site; I’ve implemented several of your tips & opt-ins are up 6% already.”

  11. imsadmin

    They Know What Is Needed To Make Any Business Website A Traffic And Lead Generation Machine!
    “This kind of consulting and coaching is worth way more than $297. But don’t take my word for it, find out for yourself.”

  12. imsadmin

    It Gave Easy To Implement Actions I Could Take That Would Result In Immediate Results.
    “I enjoyed our session today. It was insightful! The assessment was very helpful. It gave easy to implement actions I could take that would result in immediate results. I would tell others looking at the Online Marketing Review that they will get many valuable insights from the assessment”.

  13. imsadmin

    Much More That What I Expected
    “I Got Much More That What I Expected. It Gave Me Next Steps And Confidence In What I Need To Do To Fix Everything On My Website – Lead Generation, Copy, Sales Funnel.”

  14. imsadmin

    Do It, It Was Awesome!
    “The Marketing Assessment was ABSOLUTELY helpful in outlining the different areas I needed to focus on to grow my business? If you’re thinking of whether or not you should invest in the Marketing Review, my advice to you is…. Do it, it was awesome!”

  15. imsadmin

    Hugely Valuable! Ron Gave Me Practical Solutions
    “Had my online marketing review with Ron today. He over delivered. Hugely valuable! What was interesting was his depth of knowledge around the real purpose of the website”.

  16. imsadmin

    IMS is the premier Internet marketing consulting firm for physicians.
    “Working with Ron Romano and his amazing online marketing team has been the best non-medical decision I’ve made when it comes to enhancing the productivity of my practice. I have referred many practices to you and nearly every one reports significant increase in new patients in 3-6 months after they implemented your proven success strategies.”                                       
    Dr. Neil Baum

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